Iberian Ham

1/2 Iberian Ham

Ration of Iberian ham and cured cheese

1/2 portion of cured cheese

01- Bread and butter

02- Garlic bread with aioli

03- Bread with tomato

04- Carpaccio

Galician blonde cow, 60 days infiltrated and matured meat, served with rocket salad and Parmesan cheese.

05- Grilled vegetable

Seasonal vegetables with mushrooms, served with Béarnaise sauce.

06- Avocado Primavera

With pineapple, prawns and cocktail sauce.

07- Grilled wild asparagus

Served with Béanaise sauce.

08- Iberian ham croquettes

09- Fried Padron Peppers

10- Roasted Provolone Cheese

(2 people), grilled italian cheese with chorizo criollo.

11- Cheese platter

Goat, sheep and bluecheese.

12- Garlic mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms with oil, garlic and chilli pepper.

13- Garlic King prawns

garlic King prawns in olive oil, flambéed in brandy.

14- Squid rings Andalusian style

Fried in wheat flour.

15- Fillet Steak Tartare

Dressed in French style.

16- Grilled chorizo, chistorra and butifarra

(Spanish sausages) great for sharing – 2 people.

17- Wagyu black pudding

With caramelized onion.

18- Tomato cream

With a touch of basil and olive oil.

19- Onion soup

With cheese and croutons.

20- Vegetables cream

With seasonal vegetables.

21- Tomato and onion salad

22- Fresh salad “de la huerta”

Lettuce, tomato, red onion, peppers, cucumbers and avocados.

23- Feta Cheese and Quinoa Salad

With tomatoes, red onion, black olives, celery, cucumber, coriander, mustard and honey vinaigrette.

24- Caesar Salad

Salad with parmesan cheese, toasted croutons, boiled egg, grilled chicken & our special dressing.